Ann Arbor, MI, United States

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Terry Ward, Owner

14" x 18" ........$225.00

16" X 20" .......$265.00

18" X 24" .......$315.00


Other Information:

  • Each carving includes the name of the lake, the county and state it is located in and the area of the lake in acres.  Additional text can be added.
  • Multiple lakes or "chain lakes" are welcome.  There is an additional cost per lake added to the base price of the carving. Please contact us directly for multiple lake pricing.
  • Exterior wood signs are also available.  Enhance your home, cabin or retreat with a personalized sign carved in Cedar. 
  • We custom size your carving to best match the shape of your lake.  For instance, if you order a 16" X 20" and it would look better on a 14" X 22" we will size the carving accordingly.

Standard Size and Prices

About Us

Great Lake Carving available in medium density fiber board (MDF - Vaneer).

18" X 24" - $375

24" X 36" - $525

Note: Larger sizes available upon request.

All carvings are made from solid wood.  You have a choice of oak, rustic maple or cherry. All carvings come standard with a stained blue bottom that simulates the natural beauty of your lake.  You may choose a different color stain that matches your decor, please contact us directly when placing your order and we will work together to gather the details. 


Rustic Maple

What our customer's say...

...Just wanted to let you know, the carvings are beautiful.  Wood finish is superb.  Brian really liked both of them.  Thank you for getting them done so quickly.

...I just wanted to drop you a note to say my sister recieved the carving and she says it's gorgeous! My dad is going to love it. Thank you so much for your exceptional work.

...Hello, we gave my dad the carving for his 80th birthday.  He got tears in his eyes and got so choked up over the piece.  It was a beautiful moment that my siblings and I will never forget.  Thank you so much for such a beautiful carving.

We’re a small family owed company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Backwoods Carving was established in 2008 during the down turn of the financial market to subsidize our custom cabinet shop.  With a passion for wood working and spending our free time recreating on our favorite lakes in Michigan, we started making our first carvings as gifts for family members.  Now we have carved lakes from as far as Scotland and Canada, to our own back yard.     

We are passionate about providing you with a high quality beautifully finished carving of your selection

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